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About Us


The HC-MASA’s Mission

The High-Council of Moroccan American Scholars and Academics (HC-MASA) is a non-profit scientific organization registered and incorporated in North Carolina on June 6, 2008.

The Council Promotes:

  • Scientific Advancement, Research, and Education
  • Education and Training of highly qualified Moroccan American and Moroccan students and scientists in US institutions
  • Social, Cultural, and Economic Transformation of Moroccan-American Students, Medical and Pharmacy Doctors, and Scientists in Biological Sciences

The Council Publishes:

  • The HC-MAMBD Newsletter (A Semi-Annual Newsletter)
  • An International Scientific Journal
  • Other publications

The Council Organizes:

  • An Annual or Biannual Scientific Meeting
  • Social Events that will benefit its members and their families in the US, and worldwide